The Story Behind


This year, my grandmother, Misia, would have turned 107.  PLEASED, the name of this tutoring company, was doubly inspired by memories of her. First off, it was Grandma’s personality to always be pleased, even in dire circumstances, and there were many over the tumultuous course of her 100 years of life. But her optimism never wavered, and her smile heartened everyone she touched.


On a more pragmatic level, 753-2733 was the family’s landline, which my mother, a young teenager, decoded to spell P-L-E-A-S-E-D. It was the first phone number my siblings and I learned to dial. Growing up, I could call Grandma any time I needed to hear a cheerful, “Hello Larushka”. When Grandma passed away peacefully, six years ago, my mother couldn’t give up that magical phone number. She kept it hovering in the Cloud, just in case one of her kids ever wanted a landline. Last year, when I was setting up my own business, Mom suggested that I tap it as the company’s phone line. That's when the whole concept crystallized for me: the phone number, company name and inner soul of my venture all wrapped up in one word: PLEASED! Well, six words, once I extended it to Private Learning-- Excel and SucceED. A teacher always likes to clarify and elaborate.


My grandmother was so proud of my work as a teacher and literacy coach. Somehow, somewhere, I know she is beyond PLEASED, on the other end of the line, knowing that I am channeling both her love and her wisdom to teach children with joy and rigor.

Lara Pinto Stein Founder & Educator