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List of Level L-W Books for Your Reader

With the school year coming to a close, families may have received their child's reading level. Below is a list of book recommendations sorted by guided reading level. Each book or series is linked to a Black-owned bookstore. If we were unable to find the book or series in one of these bookstores, we linked it to Amazon. Please update us if you have better luck. At PLEASED, we want to be intentional about where we purchase our books and show support for BIPOC communities. Make sure to check this blog for updates, since we are always trying to add new books.

Level L

Level M

Level N

Level O

Level P

Level Q

Level R

Level S

Level T

Level U

Level V

Level W:

TIP FOR PARENTS: Reading levels within a series can vary. This is not necessarily a drawback. When children read easier books, they can move beyond basic comprehension and delve into deeper, inferential thinking. Additionally, reading material they can handle without any struggle can boost their confidence and the pleasure they derive from reading. Familiarity, such as known characters, settings, and how plots tend to unfold, makes it easier for young readers to manage more difficult texts in a series than they could comfortably handle in a totally new book.

Explore these bookstores for more of your purchasing needs :

I am are eager to share more locally owned bookstores, so if you would like to your favorite in the comments section, we will add them to our list!

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