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List of Leveled A-K Books for Your Reader

During a typical school year, many children tote their "just-right" books to and from class. But with the pandemic keeping us confined to our homes, parents may need extra guidance to find appropriate books, even if they know their child’s reading level. Therefore, I've compiled the below list of some titles and series categorized by guided reading level using the Fountas and Pinnell leveling system and Booksource.

Level A Books

Level B Books

Level C Books

Level D Books

Level E Books

Level F Books

Level G Books

Level H Books

Level I Books

Level J Books

Level K Books

Thousands of books are leveled for readers, but the titles of books at each level are not always available to families. My hope is that this list will provide parents with some options to provide reading material at their children’s independent reading level. That said, interest level is extremely important as well. If children are enjoying books below or above their level, let them read those too. We want our children to develop a love of reading, picking up books that excite them, just as experienced readers do. Books that are easier give young readers confidence and also provide an opportunity to work on their fluency: reading smoothly with expression and intonation. Books that are more challenging provide opportunities for learning, which can be particularly powerful if they are read with grown-ups who can support the process. If your child has finished a book, particularly in the A-K levels, encourage him or her to read it again. Reading a book multiple times helps develop fluency, build comprehension, and make deeper inferences.

If you are unsure of your child's independent reading level, we offer assessments at

I hope this list has provided some guidance for you, but most of all, has given your child engaging, supportive book choices to continue down a path as a lifelong reader.

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