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P.L.E.A.S.E.D.  Learning organic colorful shapes

Small Groups

Often, students enter elementary school without mastering the foundations of literacy.

In our small group classes, your child will join an expert teacher and small group of peers to build a foundation for their future academics in a fun, age-appropriate setting.

​All small group classes will be held in our Manhattan Learning Space.

PLEASED LEARNING Small Group Classes

Small group classes are being hosted at our Upper East Side location!

Families have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow parents and our experienced educators to curate an enriching and personalized learning environment for your child and their classmates.


By tailoring the curriculum to individual needs and interests in reading, writing, and math, we foster a dynamic educational journey that sparks curiosity and boosts academic growth.


This is an exceptional learning experience where students thrive and build meaningful connections with their peers.

PLEASED Learning Small Group Classes
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