PLEASED Families

Although based in New York City, the tutors at PLEASED Learning work with students all over the country from the East Coast to West.   Our goal is to make sure kids enjoy learning with us and for their parents to be equally thrilled with their progress.  

"Lara connected with our daughter instantly. Within three minutes of walking through the door, I saw that my daughter, a tough critic, who generally takes considerable time to warm to new situations, was 'all in.' She has asked for Lara almost everyday since, anticipating her 'Lara sessions' with overwhelming enthusiasm and personal investment. Lara has the unique ability to bring out a sense of confidence, purpose and perseverance by establishing a genuine connection with children, rooted in trust and warmth. Lara’s talents extend well beyond her impressive background as a seasoned educator and literacy coach. Her enthusiasm, creativity, warmth and personal investment in her work and relationships with children and families simply can’t be taught; yet it is those attributes that make all the difference in empowering children to learn new skills and work through challenges. We are forever grateful to Lara, not only for the remarkable growth that we have seen in our daughter, both academically and personally, but for the love and trust that our daughter feels for Lara, and for the wise and well informed sounding board Lara provides us as parents. Lara adapted masterfully to the new reality that was abruptly thrust upon us by the pandemic. She has maintained her special relationship, momentum and innovative strategies with our daughter via Zoom. My husband and I have a small handful of teachers who we look back on now, and warmly credit as being among the most influential and beloved adult figures in our lives. Lara has affected our daughter’s confidence and love of learning so significantly. We know that she will always hold a special place in our daughter’s life. Lara is a 'once in a lifetime teacher.' We could not recommend her more highly."

                                      -Parent of 5-year-old

"Lara has changed my 7-year-old son's life. He was struggling with reading and always fought going to his tutor. Lara makes learning and reading fun! Not only is he reading, but he loves working with her. He is happier and more confident both at school and at home. Thank you Lara for helping our family." 

                                  -Parent of 1st grader

"My 4-year-old has been working with Lara from PLEASED learning. I can't say enough about how incredible Lara is and how engaging her teaching methods have been. My daughter has been so disengaged during her regular school zoom classes. I was worried about her engagement with a remote tutor. Not only has she been engaged with Lara but she looks forward to it, has fun, and learns in the process. Lara is a consummate professional. She is warm and accessible to children while also being encouraging for them to learn and take risks in their learning. My daughter has felt so good about herself and her capabilities since seeing Lara. I sit in on every Zoom call and am astounded at how creative and fun the lessons are. Lara incorporates whatever my daughter's interests are into the games and lessons--from princesses to dinosaurs. Each lesson and game is personalized for her level and interests. We've had such a wonderful experiences with Lara-- we wish she could be our daughter's teacher full time!  It's invaluable to have an encouraging, positive learning experience for my daughter that really infuses a love of learning at this young age."

                               -Parent of four-year-old                                        

"I have known Lara as an educator for nearly 7 years and have witnessed her talents as a colleague in the classroom and as a parent through private tutoring. She is uniquely attuned to every student's needs and interests and crafts her lessons accordingly. During this extraordinary time of crisis, Lara's ability to teach and reach over technology has been seamless and highly impactful for my children. Her approach to learning is child-centered and fun. We are so grateful for her patience, time and energy! She is truly a gifted teacher!"

                              -Parent of 1st grader & preschooler

"Lara is a magician on Zoom and one of the most outstanding and gifted teachers we have worked with. She has been the bright spot in the Covid19 school closure for both of my daughters (ages 6 and 3). Lara’s personalized lessons and games keep my daughters challenged and engaged, but her warm enthusiasm, endless encouragement and infectious smile are what sets her apart and has captured my girls’ hearts. 

In less than 3 months, Lara has helped my Kindergartener jump 4 reading levels and build her confidence to enjoy reading above her grade level.  My daughter came to Lara ready to read, but lacking the skills to decode words since her public school curriculum focused more on sight words than phonics. Each session, Lara methodically introduced my daughter to new reading rules and helped us select the “just right” leveled readers to read at home.  Lara also took a genuine interest in my daughter’s school work and journals helping us connect home, school and tutoring. 


My 3 year old begged to start sessions with Lara after seeing what her older sister was up to. I was doubtful that she would sit for 30 minutes on zoom, but Lara keeps her engaged playing games and working hard. Lara is teaching her letter sounds, rhyming and even working on her fine motor writing skills. Lara has given us fun ideas to work on at home and my daughter is always excited to share her work with Lara at the beginning of their sessions.  


I’ve referred Lara to family and friends and we plan to work with Lara through summer and well beyond the reopening of schools."


                           -Parent of kindergartener & three-year-old

"Lara has worked with all three of my children (3.5, 5, and 8.5).  They have each made immense progress - even after the first few sessions there was noted improvement in my oldest daughter’s spelling, which was our area of focus, and my others’ excitement for rhyming and spelling increased.  Lara gave me some fun games to work on with the kids in between sessions.  Most of all, Lara has always prepared a thoughtful lesson and comes with energy and enthusiasm that has made learning fun and enjoyable for my kids to a greater extent than I have ever seen before!  My kids look forward to their time with Lara and fight over who gets to go first each time!  Particularly during the time of Covid, it’s been wonderful to integrate 1:1 sessions with Lara for greater attention that has managed to engage my kids in a way that group virtual classes certainly cannot."


                      -Parent of 2nd grader, kindergartener, & preschooler 

"Lara tutored our 7th grade daughter  in ELA test prep and writing. She was a huge support for my daughter, prepared her well for the exam and helped her fine tune the quality of her writing. She was motivating and genuinely committed to helping my daughter succeed."

                       -Parent of 7th grader


"I started sending my four-year-old to Lara to get a leg up with pre-literacy skills. Within a few weeks, he was rhyming and writing new letters. He loves going to see her and I am confident that the skills he is learning will help him with the school interview process." 

                     -Parent of four-year-old                                                                     


"I cannot say enough good things about Lara and PLEASED Learning.  When we started working together, I was desperate to get my daughter interested in reading and into a learning mindset.  She had a fear of being wrong in front of her sister, and didn't have the persistence to try to sound out words when we tried to work with her at home.  She only wanted to read books that she already knew well, and had mostly memorized.  When our school transitioned to home learning, I knew that I had to take emergency measures, as I feared she would fall behind.  We also wondered if an underlying learning disability could be in play.  Lara's infectious enthusiasm captured our daughter's imagination during our initial session, and made our daughter see the possibilities that come with reading.  After 3 months of working together we have seen results that have far exceeded our expectations.  Our daughter recently took a reading exam virtually as part of the end-of-year assessment, and she performed at the next grade level.  Not only has she not lost ground during shelter in place, but instead she has gained both competence and confidence, and is now solidly on a path to success for next year.  I am so thankful that we were able to work together.  Vowel teams for life!"

                     -Parent of 1st grader

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"Our family's experience with Lara and our tutor, Nora, at PLEASED has been phenomenal and truly one of the bright educational lights of this very challenging school year. Our son looks forward to his twice weekly reading lessons with Nora, where he is highIy engaged, nurtured, and motivated to reach new heights in his reading. We cannot thank Lara and Nora enough for their wisdom, kindness, and attentiveness to our son's development and are excitedly counting down the days when we can have his younger brother learn from these extraordinary teachers and role models. Thank you Lara and Nora!


                     -Parent of 2nd grader