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P.L.E.A.S.E.D.  Learning organic colorful shapes

Remediation & Enrichment Tutoring

Every child can benefit from one-on-one, individualized support from experienced educators to supplement classroom instruction. Whether your child is in need of remediation or enrichment, our specialized tutors can understand that building knowledge and confidence are the keys to success. 

Pleased Learning Remediation & Enrichment Tutoring
Remediation Tutoring

Enrichment Tutor

When your child excels at school, they might not be challenged to reach their full academic potential. It’s frustrating when you know how much more they can do. It’s downright discouraging to see them get bored.

Your child deserves to experience the delight of learning new things, solving difficult problems, and being stretched to new limits.

Enrichment tutoring is the best way to keep learning interesting for a gifted student. We will work with you to identify areas of focus, and work with your child to reach goals in a rigorous and engaging way.

The best results are achieved when teachers, tutors, specialists, and families are on the same page. We provide detailed reports and communicate directly with everyone involved in your child’s education, working together to support each other's work.

Remediation Tutoring

When you learn your child has room for improvement, you might feel panicked. We get it. We also know how to help. We can provide the support your student needs to get back on track while helping them enjoy learning and rebuild confidence.

Since we are teachers, we can provide support beyond the typical tutor/student relationship. We will work directly with your child’s classroom teacher. 

The best news? Our goal is to offer support now so they will have the foundation to learn independently in the future.

​The best results are achieved when teachers, tutors, specialists, and families are on the same page. We keep you up-to-date on what your child is learning, and communicate directly with everyone involved in your child’s education, working together to support each other's work.



We are passionate about helping your child become a confident and proficient reader to foster a love of reading. Early readers will focus on skills such as phonemic awareness, letter-sound relationships, and blending sounds together, setting a strong foundation for future reading success. Using a structured literacy approach, we ensure that your child will successfully decode, comprehend, and infer as they read. We also prioritize supporting critical thinking skills, encouraging students to think deeply about their books and to develop their own ideas and perspectives.



Whether your child is just learning to write or is struggling with more advanced writing techniques, we are dedicated to helping all students develop strong writing skills. Writing is a critical skill that is essential for success in school and beyond, and we are committed to helping our students become effective writers. By mastering foundational skills of grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph development, students are able to express their ideas clearly and effectively in writing. We also help students develop their creativity and critical thinking skills, enabling them to write engaging and persuasive essays, stories, and other types of writing. Our tutors provide ongoing feedback and support to help students develop their writing skills over time.



Our experienced tutors work with pre-k through fifth graders to improve understanding and confidence in math. We cover a wide range of topics including arithmetic, fractions, decimals, geometry and more. We use a variety of interactive tools and methods to make math fun and engaging while building important skills like problem solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning.


Orton Gillingham

We offer an admissions preparation service that prepares students for kindergarten in private schools. We help children prepare for entry into private elementary schools. However most of the focus is on kindergarten admissions. we now offer lessons in person at our learning space where we have converted a room to look like a classroom to simulate the group play/interview process. in this space we help children strengthen their skills -- verbal, academic, receptive language, etc so that htey can put their best foot forward during the process. we have been preparing children for four seasons but now we are offering an application service to help families write, edit, or plan their private school essays.

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